Music Publishing

Another Victory Publishing is seeking to expand our roster of artists and songwriters. If you’re an unsigned artist/songwriter looking to develop your career, gain income, and expose your music through placements in advertising, film, TV, video games, and anywhere else music is needed, submit your music here. We are especially interested in artists and songwriters that are actively performing and touring along with a strong social media presence.

As a cutting edge independent music publishing business, Another Victory offers songwriters/artists many benefits:

  • Monetary Advances
  • Aggressive Music Licensing Team
  • Administration and Income Collection aka “Getting Your Money” - our international income tracking affiliates help detect missing income, analyzes statements from income sources and searches for every penny you may be owed.
  • Artist Development
  • Marketing/Promotions
  • Song/Songwriter Registration. Proper, international registration of your rights are integral to being paid what you are owed. We utilize the industry standard licensing and royalty software developed by Counterpoint Systems insuring that we are on top of the constantly changing digital landscape. We are also partners with Audiam who collect all mechanical royalties due for YouTube usage and the plethora of digital streaming sources.

Recent music placement highlights include:

  • Suave Professionals Advertising Campaign
  • Ubisoft Rocksmith Video Game
  • NFL Network
  • MTV’s Ridiculousness
  • Oxygen’s Best Ink

Additional placements here.

Click here to view our current and eclectic roster of artists.

We look forward to hearing from you and discovering the next great songwriters and artists of the world.